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SMART Lab UDT (Urine Drug Testing)

SMART Lab UDT (Urine Drug Testing)

SMART Lab, LLC is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive confirmation urine testing available to ensure the highest level of care is achieved for the patient. The valuable information obtained from a confirmation urine test will assist the clinician to manage therapy with prescription drugs and help make timely, informed treatment decisions. Urine Drug Testing using our advanced technology to confirm and quantify results will help evaluate, assess and monitor compliance and can assist in the diagnosis of substance misuse or addiction.

Features and Benefits

Urine confirmation tests utilize liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) testing techniques, which is the highest analytical standard in the industry. This not only allows for a rapid turn-around time but also the most accurate interpretation.

  • Wide range of panels for the most comprehensive testing
  • LC/MS/MS offers superior analytical specificity to ensure the most accurate results possible
  • Providing fast turn-around time (typical 48 hours) from time of receipt to results reporting
  • Medical Doctors, Dedicated Account Representatives, Certifying Scientists and Laboratory staff are available by phone to address any concerns our clients may have
  • Web-based portal available for ease of obtaining confirmation reports