About Us

Mission Statement

It is our mission at SMART Lab to become the leading laboratory of choice for urine toxicology services. It is through our commitment to quality and excellence that SMART Lab will prove to be the industry leader in toxicology services. Our team is driven by our advanced clinical background and knowledge that client-focused customer service is essential to success. It is our goal to set new industry standards in providing timely, accurate results that enable our clients to act quickly in planning treatment.


  • LC-MS/MS is a quantitative test with high sensitivity to allow optimal drug detection in urine.
  • LC-MS/MS is highly accurate to reduce false positive and negative results.
  • AB Sciex Triple Quad 4500 faster scan speed to reduce turnaround time.



  • National laboratory operating in more than 30 states.
  • Fully licensed and compliant with all applicable regulations.
  • Laboratory accredited by CAP and enrolled in the highest standard of proficiency testing.

We are committed to being the leader in industry standards with our same day screening and 48 hour LC/MS/MS confirmations.